Classrooms and Labs

Dickinson currently has over 100 Smart classroom facilities, ranging from traditional lecture-seminar rooms to computer labs to innovative group-work computer work labs. The Smart protocol for classroom technology is designed to make using computer, video, CD, and DVD playing as easy as possible. If you scroll to your classroom on the list below and click the room number, you will find instructions on how to use your Smart instructional technology.

Equipment Checkout

The media center has a pool of a/v equipment available for loan to students or faculty working on a media project.  If you are new to the media center and have never created a reservation or checked out equipment be sure to login with your Dickinson username and password. Then fill out the media center form and agree to the media center equipment policy.

To fill out the media center equipment form go to:

  • My Account
  • Edit
  • Media Center tab
  • Fill in the necessary information
  • Click Save then the View tab

Then you are ready to create a reservation

  • Look for the Create a Reservation link in the Media Center menu on the left.