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Welcome to Your Smart Classroom!
The Smart protocol for classroom technology is designed to make using computer, video, CD, and DVD playing as easy as possible. Please, do not hesitate to address questions about the Smart classrooms to Library & Information Services. We can be contacted via E-mail (, telephone (x1000), or by visiting the Help Desk on the lower level of the Waidner-Spahr Library..

Basic instructions
If the touch screen is not active, touch anywhere on the screen to

To use both projectors, press the "both projectors" button. To use only one
projector, press the left or right projector select button. If not already
on the appropriate projector(s) will turn on. The projectors take 30 seconds
to warm up.

Select your source with the buttons in the lower left area of the screen.
If you wish to project a different image on each screen, you can do that by
pressing the left or right projector select button and selecting another
source. The sound is switched to the last source selected. If you want to
change the sound source without changing image source, use the "no
projectors" button.

When done, use the "shut down room" button to turn off projectors and put
the touch screen to sleep. You can also switch off individual projectors
with with the "projector off" buttons. Keep in mind that the projectors will
need to cool down for two minutes before they can be used again. To blank
projectors without turning off, use the "no show" button.

Sound for media sources is controlled by slider and mute button on right of
screen. You can drag the slider with your finger to adjust.

To use the built in computer:
The Mac Mini located in the podium can run either Mac OS or Windows. To change the operating system, restart the computer and hold down the "option" key. Icons for each system should come up on the monitor - click the appropriate one and after a slight delay the computer should begin to boot up into your chosen system. To project, press the "podium Mac" button on the touch screen with the projector(s) on.

If the computer is not on: Fist check if it is sleeping by clicking the mouse (also check that the power button on the Smart Podium is on) If it is actually shut down, the power button is located on the front of the rack mount above the DVD/VCR. Please do not shut down the computer when done (you can "put it to sleep" however)

To use a laptop:
The laptop connections exit from a grommet located at the back of the instructor table. Connect the VGA cable (and if using sound the "mini" plug cable) to your laptop. With the projector(s) on, press the "laptop" on the touch screen. You may need to press a function key on your laptop to enable the external monitor function (may be marked "LCD/CRT" or with a monitor icon).

To use DVD/VCR player:
With the projector(s) you want to use already selected, press the DVD or VCR button
on touch screen.

You can use the control buttons on the touch screen or the DVD remote
control to control the DVD or VCR player functions. If you want to switch between
DVD and VCR functions, you should do that on the touch screen however.

Press the "hide" button at the bottom of the DVD or VCR screen to go back to the
main control screen.

Note: This player will play DVDs from all regions of the world but it will only play NTSC (US format) VHS tapes.

Please do not remove the small device attached to the front of the DVD/VCR
unit. It allows the touch screen to control the functions. The regular
remote will function fine with it in place.

To Show cable TV:
With the projectors on, press the "show TV" button on the touch screen. A TV channel should come up. You can select the channel you want by using the number buttons and "enter" or channel up & down buttons. When finished press the "end TV" button on the touch screen.

To use the document camera:
The document camera is located on a movable cart and must be connected when needed. This plugs into either the jack marked "Aux VGA 1" (located on the right side panel of the instructor table) or the jack marked "Aux VGA 2" (located on the lab table). You need to press the corresponding button on the touch screen in order to project.

To use advanced features such as lecture capture, please ask for training from Media Center staff  ("" , x1223)

In Case of problems:

If your source does not project, first try pressing the "no projectors" button, next the button for the projector(s) you are using, then the button for the source you want. If this does not solve your issue and you need immediate help, please press the "help" button on the touch screen to obtain a phone number you can call for suggestions at any time.


Thank you,
The Staff of Library & Information Services