Althouse 106

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All room functions are controlled via the Crestron touch screen located on the instructor podium. If the screen is blank, tap on it to activate. The projection screen and projector lift will lower automatically upon activation of a source requiring projection. The projector takes about 30 seconds to warm up. Room light presets and shades are controlled by pressing the appropriate button on the left side of the touch screen. You can access a mute button for the projected image by pressing the "projector" button. You should do this rather than shutting off the projector if you are going to be using it again as the projector will retract back into the ceiling (after a cool down period) when shut off.

Notes: If using the DVD/VCR unit, it may default to a TV channel when the system is powered up. Press the "Aux/TV" button in the DVD/VCR controls window to eliminate this.

The Laptop and document camera share a button on the touch screen. If using the laptop connection, either turn the Samsung document camera off or if using both use the "int/ext" button on the Samsung unit to select your source.

There are two switching modes for selecting sources. This is controlled by the "switching mode" button at the bottom of the touch screen. When this is in the default "preview mode off" setting (button red), the source is immediately projected. In the "preview mode on" (button green) setting, you need to press one of the activate buttons in the preview window as appropriate to display you audio/video. This allows you to preview a source on the touch screen before projecting it.

Please shut down the equipment when leaving the room by selecting the "system shutdown" funtion in the upper right of the touch screen.