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Welcome to Your Smart Classroom!
The Smart protocol for classroom technology is designed to make using computer, video, CD, and DVD playing as easy as possible. Please, do not hesitate to address questions about the Smart classrooms to Library & Information Services. We can be contacted via E-mail (, telephone (x1000), or by visiting the Help Desk on the lower level of the Waidner-Spahr Library..

Basic Instructions: The Touch screen in the large rack is used to control all equipment. Remote controls can still be used to control the various players if desired although functions are duplicated on the touch screen. The most  common functions are also duplicated by the actual buttons on either side of the touch screen. When selecting the various players in the rack, a window will pop up with player controls, use the "close" button to go back to the main screen.

To turn the projector on and off: Use the "projector on" an "projector off" buttons. It takes 30 seconds for the projector to warm up. If you want to temporarily blank the screen use the "display mute" button. Press it again to unmute. Please turn the projector off when leaving the room however to save energy and lamp life.

To view the built-in Mac
With the projector on, press the PC button on the touch screen. The computer is a Mac "mini" located below the Sharp VCR in the rack. If not already on, press the black power button located to the right of the computer to turn it on. You may also need to power on the Smart podium (monitor) if it is shut off. The slot to insert a DVD or CD is located to the left side of the computer. Use the eject button on the keyboard to eject your disc. The computer can be booted into either Mac OS or Windows, to change hold down the option key as you restart the computer. Note: the computer sound is via the HDMI connection, if you have no sound check that the sound output device is set to "Extron scaler D" in the system preferences (Mac) or default playback device you can access by right clicking on the speaker icon (Windows). The volume control on Mac OS has no effect, you need to adjust volume on the media controller.

About the Smart Podium
This unit allows you to draw over the computer image using the attached pen. There are many functions available, please refer to the manual provided for instructions. If not using these features, the button at the top of the unit with an arrow symbol should be lit for normal mouse function. If it is not, press that button to enable it.

To view a laptop
If your computer has a HDMI port: plug in the HDMI cable on top of the podium and press the "HDMI" button on the touch screen In most cases it should not be necessary to connect the "mini" sound cable, the sound should work via the HDMI connection.
Otherwise: connect the VGA cable located on top of the podium to the laptop VGA jack. If using sound, connect the "mini" sound plug provided to the laptop headphone jack. With the projector ON, press the "Laptop" button on the touch screen.You may need to press a function key on your laptop to enable the external monitor function (may be marked "LCD/CRT" or with a monitor icon).

To Play & View a DVD, Videotape, or CD:
With the projector on, press the DVD/VCR button on the touch screen.. Insert your CD, DVD, or video tape into the appropriate drawer or slot. Use the controls on the touch screen (or the JVC remote) to control playback functions. If a cable TV channel is showing, press the "aux" button on the DVD/VCR control pop up screen or JVC remote to eliminate it. This player will play DVDs from all regions of he world but only US format (NTSC) video tapes. If you have a PAL or SECAM video tape, use the Sharp VCR.

To use the Sharp multi-region VCR: Press the "AUX VCR button on the touch screen.

To use the Blu-Ray player: Press the Blu-Ray button on the touch screen. This player will play regular DVDs also.

To View Campus Cable TV: With the projector on, press the DVD/VCR  button on the touch screen. Then press the either the "aux" button on the touch screen or on the JVC remote (you may need to do this several times to get to TV mode). You can change channels by using the up and down buttons or by using the keypad on the JVC remote to enter the channel number.

To View the Document Camera (Visual Presenter):
With the projector on, press the "Doc Cam" button on the touch screen.  This unit may also be used as a camera for Skype or similar applications.

Thank you,
The Staff of Library & Information Services