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Welcome to Your Smart Classroom!
The Smart protocol for classroom technology is designed to make using computer, video, CD, and DVD playing as easy as possible. Please, do not hesitate to address questions about the Smart classrooms to Library & Information Services. We can be contacted via E-mail (, telephone (x1000), or by visiting the Help Desk on the lower level of the Waidner-Spahr Library..

To Project the Computer, TV, a DVD, or a VHS Cassette:
To turn the projector on, point the Sanyo remote at the front of the projector and push the pink "On-Off" button. Do not adjust the sound volume on the projector remote; use the sound system control (see below). Use the "Computer" and "Video" buttons on the remote to select your projection source. To turn the projector off, push the pink "On-Off" button on the remote. At the "Power off?" prompt, press the pink "On-Off" button again.  The projector fan will continue to run until the unit is cooled down; it will shut down automatically.
Note: The slide switch at the bottom of the Sanyo remote must be "on" in order for it to function.

To Use the Computer:
To use the computer, you may need to press the power button on the back of the iMac if not already on. To project the computer screen, with the projector on, press the "computer" button on the Sanyo remote until "Computer 1 " is selected.

This computer can also be started up in Windows. In order to do this, hold down the "option" key as the computer starts up. When your choices come up, select the "Windows" icon, then click the arrow at the bottom of that icon. After a few seconds delay, Windows should begin to start. Restarting the computer will restore the Mac OS.

To Connect & View a Laptop:
Locate the VGA cable on top of the desk (marked "laptop") and connect to the VGA jack on your computer. To project, press the "computer" button on the Sanyo remote until "computer 2" is selected. You may need to press a key along with "function" on your PC laptop to enable enable external monitor output (this varies with brand, look for "lcd/crt" or a monitor symbol on the key).

To Play & View a DVD, Videotape, or CD: 
If the DVD/VCR is not already ON, first turn it on with its power button. With the projector on, press the "video" button on the Sanyo remote. Insert your CD, DVD, or cassette into the appropriate drawer or slot and press the "Play" button on the LG remote. You may need to select the appropriate mode with the DVD or VCR buttons. If a TV channel is showing, you can eliminate it by selecting "L2" input (located below channel 2 - use the channel down button)To switch between VCR and DVD, press the "DVD" or "VCR" buttons on the remote. To eject your disc or cassette, press the "Open/Close" button.
Note: This unit will play DVD's from all regions of the world. It will only play NTSC (US format) VHS tapes however.

To View Campus Cable TV: With the projectors on, press the "video" button on the Sanyo Remote .You can change channels by using the channel ("CH") up and down buttons or by using the keypad on the LG remote to enter the channel number.

To Control the Sound Level:
You can control the sound for either the computer or the VCR using the room's sound system. The sound system controller (see image above) is attached to the desktop. To turn the sound system on, turn the knob clockwise. You can adjust the sound level by turning the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise. Be aware. The volume controls on the computer interact with those of the sound system, so adjusting the volume on the computer will change the level of sound from the sound system as well. To turn the sound system off, turn the knob counter-clockwise until it clicks.

Please, turn off all of the equipment before you leave the room.

Thank you,
The Staff of Library & Information Services