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Welcome to Your Smart Classroom!
The Smart protocol for classroom technology is designed to make using computer, video, CD, and DVD playing as easy as possible. Please, do not hesitate to address questions about the Smart classrooms to Library & Information Services. We can be contacted via E-mail (, telephone (x1000), or by visiting the Help Desk on the lower level of the Waidner-Spahr Library..

Basic instructions
The MediaLink controller on top of the podium should be used to turn the projectors on and off, select input sources, and set volume. Please DO NOT use the projector remote control for these functions (You may use the built-in laser pointer in the remote however). Use the "proj 1" & "proj 2" buttons to determine which projectors will be controlled by the other buttons (the left & right indications are from the audience viewpoint, projector2 is closest to the podium). Press the appropriate button(s) to illuminate the buttons for the projector(s) you wish to control. (It is possible to project a different source on each screen by selecting one projector at a time and then selecting the source for that projector. The sound always comes from the last source selected).
You can also blank the image with the "pic mute" button and the sound with the "audio mute" button. If the image from the computer is cut off on the screen, press the "auto image" button and the projectors should adjust it. Please note that in the event buttons are pressed with the equipment off or the DVD/VCR mode is changed not using the MediaLink, the controller may "get out of sync" with the actual conditions. In most cases it is only necessary to press the appropriate button again on the MediaLink (even if it is already illuminated) to restore function.

To turn the projectors On or OFF
Use the projector ON and OFF buttons on the MediaLink. The projectors take 30 seconds to warm up (The button will flash while the projectors are warming up or cooling down. Please do not press other buttons during this time).

To view the built-in computer
The podium computer is a Mac "Mini" which can be booted either into Mac OS or Windows - hold the option key down while the computer restarts and you will be given a choice of operating system. If he computer is not already on, press the power button located on the front of the rack mounted computer located above the DVD/VCR. With the projector(s) on, press the PC button on the MediaLink. Note that the volume is controlled both by the computer volume setting and the volume on the MediaLink.

About the Sympodium
The monitor for the Mac is a Sympodium pen display which can be used to annotate over the computer display. If your mouse movements are drawing lines on the screen, press the pointer button at the top of the Sympodium to revert to normal mode. You may have to start up the"smart board tools" on the computer if you wish to use the drawing functions. Please see the Sympodium manual in the podium for details.

To view a laptop
Connect a VGA cable between the connection plate and the laptop VGA jack. If using sound, connect a "mini" sound cable provided between the jack on the connection plate and the laptop headphone jack. Both of these cables should be kept in the top drawer in the lab bench. With the projector(s) ON, press the LAPTOP button on the MediaLink.You may need to press a function key on your laptop to enable the external monitor function (may be marked "LCD/CRT" or with a monitor icon).

To Play & View a DVD, Videotape, or CD: 
If the DVD/VCR is not already ON, first turn it on with its power button. With the projectors on, press the DVD or VCR button on the Media Link. Insert your CD, DVD, or video tape into the appropriate drawer or slot. Use the controls on the right side of the MediaLink (or the LG remote) to control playback functions. If a cable TV channel is showing, press the TV/VCR button on the MediaLink to eliminate it. You must use the MediaLink to change between DVD and VCR functions, the buttons on the remote may not work as expected. The other functions on the remote work as described in the DVD/VCR manual.
Note: This unit will play DVD's from all regions of the world. It will only play NTSC (US format) VHS tapes however.

To View Campus Cable TV: With the projectors on, press the VCR button on the MediaLink.You can change channels by using the channel ("CH") up and down buttons or by using the keypad on the LG remote to enter the channel number.

To display external video sources:
You can connect other devices such as document or microscope cameras. These connections are located on the connection plate and are either an RCA type video connector selected with the "aux video" button or an S-Video connector selected by the "s-video" button. The left & right audio jacks located between these video connections are used for either.
To control sound volume
Use the Volume control on the MediaLink. (The volume control on the projector remote has no effect).

To View Slides:
Find the AMX dual slide projector remote (see image above). There are two slide projectors in the cabinet at the back of the room: one displays on the "Right" screen and one on the "Left" screen. You can operate both projectors at once with the single remote. Your slides should be prepared in circular slide trays to fit in the feeders on top of the projectors. Turn one or both projectors on using the "On/Off" buttons at the bottom of either side of the remote. The focus buttons for the projectors are immediately above the "On/Off" buttons. You can advance or reverse either projector independently using the appropriate buttons on either side of the remote, or advance or reverse both projectors simultaneously using the buttons at the bottom of the remote.


Thank you,
The Staff of Library & Information Services