Tome 120

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Tome 120
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Welcome to Your Smart Classroom!
The Smart protocol for classroom technology is designed to make using computer, video, CD, and DVD playing as easy as possible. Please, do not hesitate to address questions about the Smart classrooms to Library & Information Services. We can be contacted via E-mail (, telephone (x1000), or by visiting the Help Desk on the lower level of the Waidner-Spahr Library..

To Turn on the Video Projector:
Find the remote for the Panasonic projector. To turn the projector on, point the remote at the front of the projector and push the red power button .To turn the projector off, push the red "On-Off" button on the remote.twice. The projector fan will continue to run until the unit is cooled down; it will shut down automatically. 

To Turn on & View the Computer:
To use the computer, you may need to press the power button on the BACK of the iMac if not already on. With the projector on,  use the "Computer" button on the remote to select your projection source; If using the computer 2 laptop connection, press the "DVI-I" button (button #3) on the remote

A sound system is provided for the computer. This is controlled by ther volume control located on the base of the iMac. Sound volume setting on the computer will also need to be turned up.

Please, turn off all of the equipment before you leave the room.

Thank you,
The Staff of Library & Information Services